1 Tube of Susenji Gold Slimming Gel

1 Tube of Susenji Gold Slimming Gel

Susenji Gold Slimming Gel

NEW UPGRADED and IMPROVED version of the wildly popular Susenji Gel. On top of the slimming properties of the previous gel, Susenji Gold boasts double the fat burning effects, and skin whitening and anti-aging care. It also comes with an all-new medical-grade steel rollerball massage head, eliminating the need for a separate massager or using your hands.


Suitable for:

  • Weight loss
  • Water Retention
  • Cellulites reduction
  • Lymphatic Drainage 



Roll the gel over targeted area for 1 minute, dab a little bit of water to speed up process. Works better when you exercise after applying the gel.

Now in 130ml (30% more than the old gel)!