DR CLO Sterilisation Sticks Bundle x 3

DR CLO Sterilisation Sticks Bundle x 3

DR CLO Sterilisation Sticks Bundle x 3 includes:

1. Household x 1

2. Automobile (Car) x 1

3. Fridge x1


Dr. Clo's Sterilization Stick uses Chlorine Dioxide to sterilize the air from virus and microorganism. Patented nano filter ensures that Chlorine Dioxide is released in a controlled manner that disinfect and deodorize the air. Chlorine dioxide from Dr. Clo is safe to use which is certified by WHOFDAEU and KOREA. Dr. Clo Sterilization Stick is rated as CLASS 1 Medical device by FDA


Read more about Dr Clo - Here

Certificates - Here


We have brought in 3 types of Dr. Clo's Sterilization Stick for different uses!

1. Household - For exposed area (generally living area, bathroom, restaurants, offices)

Dr. Clo's Sterilization Stick (Household) can sterilize a room size up to 10 sqm. It works by controlling the release of Chlorine Dioxide using patented nano filter technology. This allows Dr. Clo's Sterilization Stick to sterilize the air up to 60 days effectively. Complete eliminate virus and microorganism that causes health problems. 

Dr.Clo in your home is designed to take into account the ultraviolet and temperature of real life. 

Duration of use: 40 ~ 60 days (depending on usage environment)


2. Automobile (Car) - For enclosed area (generally cars, handbags and other confined spaces) 

Dr. Clo's Sterilization Stick Automobile (Car) can sterilize an entire car. 

Car Dr.Clo is built to withstand the high temperatures of real vehicles.

Experimental environment: 75 ~ 80 degrees.

Duration of use: 40 days (depending on usage environment)


3. Fridge - To be placed in your refrigerator

Keep your food fresh and bacteria free for a longer period of time and get rid of odour in your refrigerator.

Dr.Clo for Refrigerator is designed to keep the product lasting and functional at temperatures below 5 degrees.

Duration of use: 40 ~ 60 days (depending on usage environment)

- Environment-friendly
- High sterilizing power (99.9% effect)
- Deodorizing effect
- Easy to use
- Durable
- Non-toxic
- Harmless to human body 



Is it safe?

Dr. Clo is safe product which was finished all clinical test as well as tests in reputable inspection institution of Korea and Japan.


Is it really workable for sterilization?

Dr. Clo is verified the power of sterilization of 99.9% by specialized institution in Korea and Japan.


Is it workable for deodorant?

Dr. Clo is the deodorant which removes the basic cause of smell, not covering smell with perfumed material just like ordinary deodorant. It showed the result of removing 99.8% smell of Kimchi in 3 hours in the test of specialized institution.

Does it remove the fine dust?

Dr. Clo cannot remove dust itself. But it removes germs, heavy metal and pollutants in fine dust so that it keep our family from worse air condition.


How to use?

1. Hold the ends of the stick and bend with a little force.

2. With a snap, stick activated.

3. Place it anywhere you want.


Made in Korea. Expiry 2022.

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