Honey Peach Collagen Juice Drink x 3 Boxes

Honey Peach Collagen Juice Drink x 3 Boxes

  • One box has 7 packets
  • Usage: 1 packet a day


Shero Ching's newest anti-glycation collagen drink has eight powerful ingredients that can help you achieve your bright translucent skin and reverse aging.


Formulated from Swiss listed company, Evolva. With the special treatment of unique fermentation, enzymatic purification technology ensures 98% high purity and high activity.


Magical effects from RSV, it can reverse saccharification, resist oxidation, activate cells, enhance the ability of cells to metabolize melanin which helps to lighten dark spots. The high purity and concentration will ensure beauty effect and brought into full play.



Water, peach juice concentrate, wild chokeberry juice concentrate, red raspberry juice concentrate, cranberry juice concentrate, wine yeast compound, bird's nest, salvia officinalis, red pomegranate extract, olive fruit extract, grape seed extract, thunnus, herba houttuyniae, chrysanthemum, tangerine, vitis vinifera leaf extract, citric acid, potassium sorbate.

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