Lumière de Vie Pink Jade Rose Quartz Roller

Lumière de Vie Pink Jade Rose Quartz Roller

Starting off the week right with our fabulous pink skincare!!!

Our Pink Jade Roller is especially helpful in reducing under-eye swelling, relaxing facial muscles, decreasing pore size, stimulates blood flow and seals in treatment.


*The Lumière de Vie Pink Jade Roller is made by the natural stone named Rose Quartz, which belongs to the jade stone. The name jade stone is the general name for natural gemstone, which includes the stone with different colors and different material. Since the roller is made of a natural stone material it may contain small imperfections such as cracks or surface unevenness.


  • Best used with daily skincare regimen
  • Glides across face smoothly 
  • Comfortable handle allows for easy application
  • Two different sized stones for various facial areas
  • Travel-friendly size


How do I use Lumière de Vie Pink Jade Roller?

After application of desired treatment begin rolling from the center of the face outward, down the neck and décolletage. For best results use the larger stone for broader surfaces, such as cheeks, and the small stone for more delicate areas, such as eyes.


Can the Lumière de Vie Pink Jade Roller be reused?

Yes, the Pink Jade Roller can easily be cleaned and stored for reuse after each treatment.


How do you clean the Lumière de Vie Pink Jade Roller? 

Apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton pad and swipe over each jade stone. Make sure the roller has had enough time to completely dry before next treatment application. It is recommended to clean this product after each use. 


Will this product work with all skin types?

Yes! Lumière de Vie Pink Jade Roller was created to work well with all skin types.


Is Lumière de Vie Pink Jade Roller tested on animals?

Lumière de Vie does not conduct or commission animal testing of any finished product.