Shero Ching Limited Edition Face Mask Gift Box

Shero Ching Limited Edition Face Mask Gift Box

Each year, Shero Ching will introduced a limited edition gift set to surprise our regular customers. This year's limited edition gift set consists of 3 special mask for your specific needs. 


Introducing the Power Recovery Masque that is exclusively partnered with Alban Muller, who has won the EPV certificate issued by French government, representing the best company in the cosmetic industry. It is 100% Made in France.  

Our raw material is also 100% selected from the highest quality of French Origin. It contains 3 different clay that helps to restore PH level and soak up excess oil on the skin. Using Kaolin clay, it helps to cleanse deep within the pores and contains skin tightening properties. After washing, it will leave your skin smooth. Suitable for all skin types.


The other two masks includes Tofu Mask and Sake Yeast Mask. Tofu mask can help to produce collagen under UV rqays and cope with UV damage by reducing melanin production. It focuses on hydrating and moisturising. 


Sake Yeast Mask partnered with Angel Yeast, Asia's 1st and the world's 3rd laqrgest provider of yeast and ferment essence ingredients to select the best rice for our Hydrolyzed Yeast Extract. This products helps with repairing, brightening and anti-aging properties.


*While Stocks Last


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