Shero Ching Oligopeptide Drink

Shero Ching Oligopeptide Drink

Shero Ching Oligopeptide Drink 


8 Benefits:

Detoxification, break down fats, boost metabolism, antioxidants, anti-glycation, maintain healthy eyesight, liver protection and prevents hangover.


It contains low-calories and does not contain any preservatives. It help to remove natural toxins from the body, maintain healthy cholesterol levels and reduce constipation. It also helps to break down fat and reduce fat absorption. 


One box has 7 packets (30ML)


Usage: 1 - 2 packets a day.


Usage for 1 packet: before you sleep

If you're heavily constipated, usage for 2 packets: 1 packet for day, 1 packet for night OR drink 2 packets together at night.


Taste: Like Grape Juice!


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