Shero Ching Oligopeptide Jelly x 3 Boxes

Shero Ching Oligopeptide Jelly x 3 Boxes

It acts as a meal replacement and contains only 206 calories per packet.


In the oligopeptide jelly, we emphasize on feeding good bacteria that the body needs and creates a healthy and strong intestinal flora. It will result in faster break down of food and the intestines can extract the required nutrients and allow the intestinal health to accelerate digestion, which subsequently helps to promote good bowel movements to form a lean body. Also, each packet contains enough protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals that your body requires to function. 


  • One Box contains 7 Packets


Can I eat the jelly during menstruation period?
Answer: You can eat during menstruation, but the prime time to lose weight is the week after menstruation ends.


Why is it easy to let out gas after eating jelly?
Because the jelly contains prebiotics and dietary fibre. It will promote intestinal peristalsis and letting out gas is absolutely normal. The intestine for most city people is sub-healthy. After eating jelly, due to the intake of prebiotics, the beneficial bacteria in the intestine multiply and increase, and the decomposition of feces and probiotic metabolites The gas is discharged through fart, which is also a necessary process for detoxification and improving intestinal function. The presence of fart indicates that the health status of the intestine is effectively improving. Keep eating for a while. After the intestinal function and intestinal flora are normal, the phenomenon of fart will gradually disappear.


Why is jelly slightly sweet?
Answer: The level of sweetness varies from person to person. Most customer feedback is that it tastes just right. If you feel that it may be too sweet for your liking, you can drink more with warm water. The sweetness of rose jelly mainly comes from fructooligosaccharides, which are probiotics and will not be digested and absorbed by the human body, but will be absorbed into the intestine as probiotic food to promote the reproduction of beneficial bacteria.
Fructose is a simple sugar, and the sweetness is 1.8 times that of sucrose. So even when you are eating the same sweet products, our fructose sugar content is only half that of ordinary sucrose.


Can I take this jelly during pregnancy?
Answer: We do not recommend weight loss during pregnancy because it is necessary for mothers to retain nutrition from the right food.

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