Shero Ching One Week Upgrade

Shero Ching One Week Upgrade

Shero Ching's Meal Replacement (follow strictly and the weight loss will be 3.5kg-7kg after this one week course)


Formulated in: Taiwan

Contains Formosa Lambsquater Mixed Congee x 7 bags, Rashberry Oat Porridge x 7 bags, Fruit and vegetable powder (Fruit Enzyme) x 7 bags


Usage: Breakfast (of your own choice), Lunch (Formosa Lambsquater Mixed Congee), Dinner (Rashberry Oat Porridge), Before you sleep (Fruit and vegetable powder)


Using S.F.P. substance freezing and freezing purification extraction technology patented technology (Patent number NO.l 496545), it reduces the loss of nutrients in the body and maintain better absorption effect, achieve safe and rapid absorption, and improve the extract 10-20% absorption rate in the body, double body utilization.


1) Formosa Lambsquater Mixed Congee

Ingredients: Taiwan Red Dragonfly, also known as the ruby ​​of cereals, has been named one of the top ten health foods in the world by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. It contains 9 kinds of essential amino acids, rich in vitamins and minerals, of which potassium is 12 times that of bananas. Iron is 3 times that of spinach, calcium is 3 times that of milk, and dietary fiber is 6 times that of sweet potato.

Eating red peony helps 1. Reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease 2. Prevent osteoporosis 3. Prevent diabetes 4. Prevent dementia in the elderly 5. Help sleep 6. Prevent colorectal cancer, which is the most suitable food for the elderly.


【Oregon Grass】

Oregon grass is a good dietary fiber. The fiber combines with the bile salts and carcinogenic toxins to remove and remove them from the body. In addition, the oleracea extract can effectively inhibit pancreatic lipase and α-amylase. Α-glucosidase activity

【Cactus Extract】

Originally used by the Kuhn people in Africa for a long-term hunting journey to suppress hunger, Hoodia mimics the action of glucose on brain nerve cells, which can suppress appetite and reduce hunger, and help control and maintain weight.

【White Kidney Bean Extract】

Phaselamine, an ingredient of an alpha-amylase inhibitor, is found in white kidney beans and has the effect of inhibiting the conversion of starch into sugars. The white kidney bean extract uses the amylase to decompose the enzyme, so that the amylase can not play the role of digesting carbohydrates and other carbohydrate foods, and achieves the purpose of reducing the absorption of starch heat by the human body.

Suggested use:
1 pack per day, pour a pack of light food into the cup, add 250 ml of hot water boiling to 100 ° C, stir and let stand for 3 minutes, so that the rice is completely soaked, you can enjoy delicious light food.


2) Rashberry Oat Porridge

[Seaweed extract - phycocyanin]

The phycoerythrin is a yellow-orange pigment contained in brown algae such as kelp, kelp, and wakame, and is a carotenoid unique to marine life. The phycoerythrin promotes the activation of UCP1 in white adipose tissue, decomposes adipose tissue, and produces brown adipose tissue-like cells with energy-consuming functions. In addition, phycoerythrin can also produce DHA in the liver, reducing low-density lipoproteins associated with obesity and heart disease.


Raspberry contains a high amount of antioxidants, which can inhibit the excessive activity of free radicals to protect the cells from unnecessary damage. It can also inhibit the bacteria and fungi of the urinary system. Raspberry contains natural weight loss lenosterone. It can accelerate the metabolic combustion of fat, the effect is three times stronger than that of capsaicin, and it is 5 times faster than normal eating.

[Bitter Orange]

The bitter orange extract is an extract extracted from the skin of an unripe citrus fruit plant (Bitter orange). It is the most abundant in cyan orange peel, containing Synephrine, flavonoids (Hesperidin flavonoids), etc. Natural ingredients. It has natural ingredients that increase satiety, promote metabolism, consume heat, adjust physiological functions, and maintain health. By not increasing the amount of exercise, the excess substances in the body are consumed by metabolism.


Suggested use:
1 pack per day, pour a pack of light food into the mug, add 250 ml of hot water boiling to 100 ° C, stir and let stand for 3 minutes, so that the rice is completely soaked.


3) Fruit and Vegetable Powder (Fruit Enzyme)



Cyanobacteria is a pure natural nutritional supplement. The content of various ingredients is very balanced. Cyanobacteria is a high-protein food. After eating, it will keep blood sugar constant for a long time and slow down hunger. During the weight loss period, the lack of diet is likely to cause undernutrition, vitamin B group and zinc, iron and other trace elements lack will affect the body's fat consumption, but cause fat to accumulate in the body. Cyanobacteria contain vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and minerals, which are suitable for nutritional supplements during weight loss.

【Pineapple Enzyme, Papaya Enzyme】

Papain and bromelin, which are extracted from papaya and pineapple, are enzymes that break down proteins. By hydrolysis, they break down proteins into smaller peptide chains. Protein enzymes are like a knife that cuts proteins. They cut proteins into small molecules that we can absorb. They can be directly absorbed by the body and involved in regulating metabolism.

[Patent double-layered Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium]

The bacteria in the digestive tract can be divided into two kinds of beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria. The beneficial bacteria can metabolize sugars into lactic acid and acetic acid, so that the intestinal tract can form an acidic state, which can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, neutralize toxic substances, and help digestion and absorption. To improve physical fitness. Patented double-layered Bifidobacterium breve can improve the efficacy of the gastrointestinal system
1. Synthesize the amino acids absorbed in the intestine into various substances, regulate the growth and development of intestinal bacteria, and maintain the normal operation of the intestinal flora.
2. Produce antibacterial substances and organic acids, which can inhibit the reproduction of spoilage bacteria (coliforms, enterococci) in the intestines, and help to cultivate a healthy environment for the intestines.
3. Stimulate the immune system to increase antibodies, and enhance the body's own resistance, protect the body from disease infection.

Dietary fiber is a vegetable nutrient that is generally not easily digested by digestive enzymes. It comes from the cell wall of plants and sugars in natural foods. It is indispensable for a healthy diet. Ingesting enough fiber can also prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and other diseases. Fiber cleans the digestive wall and enhances digestion. The fiber also dilutes and accelerates the removal of carcinogens and toxic substances from food, protects the delicate digestive tract and prevents colon cancer. Fiber slows down digestion and rapidly excretes cholesterol, so blood sugar and cholesterol are kept at optimal levels.

Suggested use:
One pack a day, pour the enzyme into the mouth before going to bed at night, cold water or warm water.

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