Shero Ching Snail Skincare Set

Shero Ching Snail Skincare Set

The latest formula for Shero Ching's snail moisturising set, which includes snail essence, snail cream, and hyaluronic acid.


Step1: Hyaluronic acid improves deep skin hydration, moisturises and strengthens skin absorption. Due to its excellent affinity for bonding with water molecules, it is a key component of skin moisture.


Step 2: Snail essence offers many benefits, such as repairing skin damage, providing anti-aging benefits, soothing irritated skin, and fading acne scars. It can be used for all skin types and concerns, and it works well with other ingredients.


Step 3: Snail cream provides good hydration and locks in moisture on the skin by maintaining a healthy balance between oil and water.


  • Helps in deep hydrating, moisturising, and strengthening of skin absorption
  • Promotes skin renewal, allows skin to become fairer
  • Repairs skin problems such as acne, acne marks, spots, and sensitive skin


Skincare suitable for your daily beauty regime!


Who is it good for?

People who need help in oil control, as well as repairing acne, acne marks and spots.