Uptown Liiz Oat Cleansing Powder

Uptown Liiz Oat Cleansing Powder

  • Suitable: For all skin types


Uptown Liiz Oat Cleansing Powder is a fuss-free cleansing powder suitable for all skin types. It gently cleanses dirt and impurities from the skin and moisturises skin at the same time. Helping your skin achieve optimal pH levels.


Oat ingredients have long been celebrated as one of the most effective at treating a number of minor skin conditions, balancing the bacterial ecosystem on your skin and moisturising to give you that healthy complexion.


How Does Oat Impact Skincare?

As a skincare ingredient, oats can have a significant impact on the health and appearance of your skin, as well as helping to treat conditions that cause flaky skin and irritation. The active ingredients used in oat products not only bring moisture to your skin, they also use their natural properties to soothe and cool itchiness and aid the protective performance of your skin. As such, they are the perfect solution for many skin conditions and ensuring a perfect balance of your skin’s microbiome – the ecosystem of bacteria that keeps your skin healthy and glowing.


1 Box = 30 Sachets

1 Sachets = 2 Times Usage



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